Fleet & White Stations

CODAB specializes in products and systems for fleet and white stations. We supply dispensers, terminals and other equipment for fleet and white stations. For easy administration of stations and transactions, use our web-based TapNet system!


Payment Terminals

bankkortsterminalPT Premium is a modern and user-friendly payment terminal, with a large touchscreen. It can be used with magnet strip cards, chip cards (EMV) or contact-less cards (NFC). MID approved.

Fleet Terminals

PT 4000 and FT 1000 are terminals for use at fleet filling stations. FT1000 is used with tags and have a scratch resistant touch screen. PT 4000 is mounted on a pillar and can be used with both tags and cards.

Administration: TapNet

transaktionshanteringManage the administration of stations, customers, cards, invoicing and monitoring from one web-based system.


Diesel Dispensers

diesel dispenserOur diesel dispensers have a modular design and can easily be adapted to suit specific needs like flow rates, dual nozzle setups or cabinet mounted terminals.

AdBlue Solutions

adblueGet an AdBlue filling solution up and running in no time with the CODAB AdBlue Dispenser Unit, designed to fit also at smaller stations and operation in cold climates.

ATG – Tank Gauging

atgCODAB Monitoring System is an affordable tank gauging solution that supplies the TapNet administration system with real-time data for monitoring of you wetstock inventory.


Get an aboveground filling station up and running with minimum hassle with our Station-to-Go concept that includes everything from tank to terminals and dispensers.

Service & Support

service drivmedelsanläggningService on CODAB products is accessible through our service partner network. Please contact us for specific inquiries.


dieseldispenserCODAB has a good track record and over 35 years of experience in supplying products and solutions to the fuel retail and fleet station market.