Analysis & Administration: TapNet

Use TapNet to analyze, administer and monitor your stations – in real-time. TapNet works on all computers, tablets and mobile phones and is open for integration with other business systems.

Intelligent, visual analysis

TapNet’s new fuctionality TapNet Analytics, allows you to visualize and explore all available information about your station network.

Visual data analysis makes is easier – and quicker – to find patterns and identify causes to variations in sales.

TapNet Analytics enables better decision making on everything from deliveries and investments to the geographical location of new stations, marketing and opening hours. You also get a useful overview of alarm frequency and station availability over time.

TapNet Analytics comes with a full set of standard reports that are ready to use. Additional, customized reports can be created on request.



Sales and invoicing

From TapNet you can administer both fuel and EV charging prices and create customer groups with different types of restrictions or discounts.

Your customers can pay using regular credit or debit cards, loyalty cards or the TapNet mobile phone app. All administration of accounts, payment options and ordering of new cards is made from within TapNet.

For invoicing, export all transactions to your ERP system or print invoices directly from TapNet.

Extended market reach with partnering

TapNet can be used to set up partnerships with other station owners, making it possible for your customers to use the same card for refueling at all stations within the extended network.

You market reach will extend beyond your own station network, offering loyal customers coverage over a larger geographical area. TapNet can be used for partnering both with retailers that also use TapNet and those who do not.


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Reconciliation and timely supply

TapNet is perfect for quick and easy fuel reconciliation. You get access to fuel levels in each tank and compatment in real-time and reports of historical sales variations simplifies the planning of fuel deliveries and tank refills.


Monitor your stations remotely and get notified when something needs your attention, for example if the receipt printer is running out of paper or the fuel level is low in a tank.  All alarms can be sent by either e-mail or as a text message to one or more recipients.



Connecting equipment and systems

Terminals, tank gauging, POS systems, price signs etc. are connected to TapNet either through a dedicated line or using a 3G or 4G router.

Contact CODAB for more information about compatibility.