Fleet Terminals

We offer two different terminals for fleet refueling sites. Both offer refueling using a card or tag and easy, central administration and monitoring in real time.

Terminals for easy & quick refueling

Our terminals have clear and bright screens, menus in several languages and a touch screen or keyboard that is easy to use.

Connecting to dispensers and charging stations

Our terminals comes equipped with protocols for all of the common dispenser brands and electrical charging stations on the market:
  • Compaq
  • Wayne CL
  • Wayne DART
  • Gilbarco-Autotank CL
  • Tatsuno
  • Petrotect Euro 2000/5000
  • Mechanical dispensers
  • Charging stations, OCPP protocol

Monitoring and alarms

The terminal is connected to Tapnet though 3G or 4G so that you are able to monitor the refueling site and specify which alarms to send and to whom. The terminal can also be connected to an ATG for monitoring of the tank fuel level.

Authorization and monitoring of fuel consumption

Our terminals can be used with both cards and RFID tags. Cards and tags are activated in TapNet where you set authorization for both the driver and the vehicle. Combine cards and tags with PIN codes for added security.To achieve good control of fuel consumption we recommend use of a card to identify the vehicle in combination with a tag to identify the driver. For even better accuracy, configure the terminal for mandatory entry of vehicle meter indication before refuling can commence. This will give you a clear picture of use of and fuel consumption for individual vehicle in your fleet.

PT 1000

PT 1000 is a robust, yet modern terminal with a touch screen that won’t scratch easily. Delivered without a pillar for flexible placement.Download Product Sheet

PT 4000

Equipped with a clear user interface and easy to use key pad, printer for receipts and reader for cards and RFID tags. Delivered on a pillar for standalone installation.fleet terminal egen drivmedelsstationDownload Product Sheet