Payment Terminal – PT Premium

PT Premium is a modern, consumer friendly terminal with a large, easy-to-use touch screen. The terminal is certified for EMV chip cards and MID approved. To minimize waiting times, this terminal is eqipped with a fast printer for reciepts. The terminal connects to banking systems and TapNet through 3G or 4G communication.

When PT Premium is connected to TapNet you can monitor the station remotely and have alarms sent whenever service is needed.


Connecting to dispensers

PT Premium comes equipped with protocols for connecting to all major dispenser suppliers:

  • Compaq
  • Wayne CL
  • Wayne DART
  • Gilbarco-Autotank CL
  • Tatsuno
  • Petrotect Euro 2000/5000
  • Mechanical dispensers.

Any number of dispensers can be connected to PT Premium – you can even connect dispensers of different brands to the same terminal.

Connecting to the price sign

Some price signs can be connected directly to PT Premium. When the price for a fuel grade is changed in TapNet, it will be updated on the dispenser and the price sign at the same time. Please contact CODAB to learn if your price sign is compatible!

Refueling using a tag

PT Premium kan be fitted with a reader for RFID tags. The tags are registered in TapNet and connected to a card. For added security you can combine the tag with a PIN code for refueling. It is also possible to connect Petropoint to PT Premium for extra safe and quick refueling.


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