Forecourt Control

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Forecourt Control in Real-Time

foreourt-control-real-timeFuelNet Manager gives you full remote control over your station equipment along with access to wetstock and order management through a web-based interface.

Compatibility & Integration

forecourt-control-compatibility-integrationOur FuelNet Manager is compatible with all common POS systems and with old and new forecourt equipment from a wide range of suppliers.

Everything Included

forecourt-control-all-functions-includedFuelNet Manager comes with all functions and modules enabled. There is no extra fee for hosting of the cloud-based system. Software updates are installed remotely at no extra cost.

Less Site Downtime

forecroutrt-control-remote-troubleshooting-diagnosticsRemote diagnostics and troubleshooting minimize site downtime.

Easy to Install

forecourt-control-remote-configurationThe FuelNet Manager is configured remotely. There is no need for specialized installers to set up the system on site.

1,000+ Installations

forecourt-control-referencesThe FuelNet Manager is already a proven forecourt controller, installed and tested with a diverse range of forecourt equipment and POS systems.

Responsive Technical Support

forecourt-control-technical-supportOur technical support is standby to help you solve any problems you have.


forecourt-control-complianceThe FuelNet Manager is compliant with MID and CE approved.

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