Remote Diagnostics

Less Site Downtime with Remote Troubleshooting

FuelNet Manager offers remote diagnostics and troubleshooting of your forecourt equipment. Often issues with dispensers or other forecourt equipment can be solved by simply restarting and refreshing the system, something that can be done remotely through the cloud-based TapNet interface. In these cases, there is no need to send a technician to site and the site will be running at full capacity again within a few minutes.


In case of more complex problems, the FuelNet Manager can be used to run diagnostics remotely to identify the problem before a service technician is dispatched. He can then arrive on site better prepared and with the appropriate spare parts on hand. This is especially beneficial if you have a geographically dispersed network.

  • Remote troubleshooting: No on-site visit needed.
  • Remote diagnostics: Only one visit needed on site to replace malfunctioning equipment.
  • Improved station uptime.