Business Analytics

Make more successful decision quicker using TapNet Analytics.

The visual presentation of your station data makes it easier to identify correlations and trends.

Insights for better decision-making

TapNet Analytics is an add-on module used for more intuitive and effortless analysis of consumer patterns, intended for better, more timely decision-making that will increase the profitability of your station network.

The standard reports provided in TapNet Analytics cover the needs of most fuel retailers, but there is also a possibility to add custom reports.

TapNet Analytics make it easy to predict when the next wetstock delivery is needed, and during which hours the tank truck has the least negative impact on customer activity. The sales reports show how the sales of each fuel grade during a regular week and if there are variations during holidays or vacation times that you need to take into account.

Forget the Excel nightmare that is trying to summarize sales by customer based on accounts receivable data! TapNet Analytics provides a visual summary where you quickly will identify your most prominent customer accounts. You will also be able to see if their volumes decrease or increase.

Gradual changes are sometimes hard to detect, but with TapNet Analytics the visual overview provides a clearer view of trends. This makes it easy to detect changes in fuel grade popularity or which payment methods that are used. By filtering you can drill down in the same data for individual customer groups.

If you use TapNet to enable partnerships with other fuel retailers, your customer cards can be used for purchases in partner networks and vice versa. In TapNet Analytics you get an instant understanding of which partnerships that generate the most value, for you, and for your customers.

TapNet Analytics makes it easy to understand station uptime, where your stations are fully operational, and if there is any piece of forecourt equipment that requires more service. Standard reports provide many  filtering options that make it easy to identify error prone hardware that either needs more thorough service or a replacement. Each event or alarm is detected and logged to provide statistics on extent and frequency of errors or which stations and type of equipment that is involved.


Ready for better insights?

Contact us for a demo on how TapNet Analytics converts your data into insights that help you make better and more timely decisions.

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”Co-operating with CODAB to bring in new products and solutions is a fantastic experience.”

Fredrik Landegren, CEO of TRB Sverige AB

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