Styr och övervaka din station i realtid

The FuelNet Manager gives you real-time control and monitoring of your station or station network. Just log into the cloud-based interface and you have access to all of the controller’s functionality: Monitoring and controlling dispensers, payment terminals, price signs and ATGs – plus managing wetstock, orders and distribution.

The FuelNet Manager is designed for modern, lean fuel retail organizations and does not require staff on site to report and monitor the performance and functionality of forecourt equipment, check wetstock inventory or update pricing.


  • Cloud-based access to the full controller functionality
  • Monitor and control dispensers
  • Monitor and control payment or fleet card terminals
  • Monitor and control price signs
  • Monitor and control automatic tank gauging (ATG)
  • Wetstock inventory & reconciliation per site or network
  • Delivery and volume history
  • Automatic wetstock order creation